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finding peace

Soothe me with midnight tranquility Wipe away my tears with a maple leaf Paint the skies with serenity and Shelter me inside the trunk of a tree Bathe me in the pale moonlight Cleanse me from the decay Bundle me up in warmth and Leave me among the stars W...

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

How does one answer this age-old question?

“Have you chosen yet?” Warrick asked, curious as to his brother’s decision. “I have, yes,” answered Zarrack. “Yes, brother, but have you chosen wisely?” “That depends on your definition of wise, I suppose.” Zarrack paced pensively. He knew that his decisi...

The River

A narrative poem describing my reflections while sitting beside the River Seine

People have many different ways to find peace When living is just becoming too hard to bear, For some it is in sleep, some have a special place, Others seek the company of lighthearted friends, Some settle down with a book, others meditate, And many spoil...