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in love

I’ve waited for someone to hold me, Make me feel the way I use to And love me for all that I am. I have bathed in the shadows of loneliness, That was until I saw you In the light of love. I saw you in my dreams. Sharing our hearts, soul And our world toge...

If She Only Knew

Angels come in many forms

She sat there with her laptop glowing Her stare was continuous, never knowing He watched her with eyes slowly going His heart was overflowing She had no idea he had feelings She could not tell it had reached higher than the ceilings They had only limited...

Dawns Delight

waking up thinking about you

Sunlight on rosesMoonlight on waterLightning brightDawns delightThoughts of youAlways a delight Soft little kissesAlways on my mindLast thought at nightFirst thought By dawn early lightIs youYou are my dreamMy inspiration My delightMy completionJoy in the...