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My near-death experience at the cottage

This is a story of my near-death experience at the cottage

My parents were on a business vacation and we children were not eager to accompany them. My father convinced me to stay in our cottage where we have been spending our summer since the beginning of first grade. The cottage was located in northern Sweden, i...

The Killer

Let's face it, we all have it.

It’s killing me,exacting revenge for all the times I killed it.It’s not doing it quickly, either.Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, as if to torture me,it reaps my sorrow.A cold-blooded killer,this thing just laughs.It laughs and eats away at me,like guilt,bu...

An Accidental Killer

Just because I'm a mercenary, doesn't make me a bad man.

I suppose you want to know my name. Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m Nick. My full name is Nicholas Michael McMasterson. Now that you know that, stop smirking and just listen to my story. It isn’t spectacular, it isn’t sexy, nor is it really that exciting, but it...

A new life?

A poem about

A new life? Doors of a new life opening for me? I step into a haze wonder and ponder what’s new for me If I were to leave old to start anew what lies beyond? Many a times I wait till sunset aimlessly looking for no one the door’s ajar sitting silent and s...

No one ever sees me at first. I’ve learnt to blend in with the night and to mask my footfalls. It helps me to hunt my victims more effectively. I’m what most psychologists would term a sociopath or psychopath. I’ve never been diagnosed by anyone as I’ve h...