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The winter of 1597 was particularly harsh. It started snowing in late autumn. Most, if not all were unprepared for the long, cold winter to come. Jacob was such a man. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods. The autumn was a time to stock the lar...

Vern_Fawcett 4 years ago

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 2

Little cabin in the woods.

“Growing Up Ranch” Chapter Two Our House - The Cabin I grew up in a house, but not one like everybody else had. My house was a genuine log cabin built around 1898 as a homestead cabin by Ernest Newell. It was by cabin standards pretty lar...

rmm0505 4 years ago

On My way

Thoughts on my way to my love's cabin

The road to your cabin is rutted, with sides that are just sheer enough that I have a recurring daydream about slipping off a hazy edge into the trees on a future icy night. I sometimes wonder whether the jagged branches would impale me or just stop the c...

When Jane opened her eyes again, she was back on the couch in Victor's cabin. The couch had been moved closer to the fireplace so that she was bathed in the heat from the burning logs and she was wrapped in a soft blanket.   Her head hurt, and wh...