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english sonnet
Survivor 3 months ago

Journey On

Our journey will continue to the end

The sun has risen over both our waysSo many times apart, now we are one.No longer may we squander nights and days,You're my true love when all is said and done. Our twilight is not near, not coming soon,We'll laugh and cry, n...

Survivor 1 year ago

From a Distance

The dark night of a soul

Her visage glimpsed above a balustradeAnd from a distance wonderment arose.Enchanting, pristine character most staid,Serenely dreaming, peaceful, at repose. Perhaps she is not tranquil deep inside,It might be true that passio...

Survivor 2 years ago

Meg's New Sonnet

The odor of love fills the air

Her natural scent imbues him with a need,As blooming flowers in the fields of MayIntoxicate his mind and heart, indeed,Refreshing, craving on a summer day.His natural scent creates a homey climeIt make his body feel...

Survivor 3 years ago

Meg's Sonnet

Love that helps us through this journey

The lovely sunrise each and every dayThe chirping birds that sing without a careThe echoed laughs of children as they playThe whispered words of lovers as they share The flowers grazing by our fingertipsThe bees that sip the...

The mirror shows her form all dressed in white,So soft, demure, and precious as can be.Reflecting back her beauty, pure delight, My secret knows just what she means to me.With glowing face and smiles to warm my heart,With...

An ancient hollow down that twisting lane Damp mists caressed and kissed with early dew.Twas always such a deep and drear terrain Where dusty serrate leaves the oaks would strew.Bare feet were jostling piles as we would stroll,Whil...

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Survivor 5 years ago

Only The Best

It's taken a while, I know. All the best dear one.

Sweet echoes from the past sing out their songRemembrance of what was and could have been The dreams and fears of how it went so wrongStill conjures your missed visage long unseen. You took a treasured part within my heart.We spent...

Behold! The truth revealed to him at last,The weary samurai has found the way. His fortune is fulfilled, the die is cast;With honor he shall follow and obey. His eyes can see the flowers now in bloom,They bend before the breezes br...

We wrestle with our dreams into the night,Our bodies never touching while we sleep.Off in the distance everything shines brightBeyond the barricades we've built so steep. Forgotten lives we lived in days gone byAnd missed emotions...

They meet by happy chance, as life confers,And promptly comprehend deep certainty. Fate's singular congruency occurs, And both are gladdened by sweet destiny. Time passes as they open up their hearts;Send interlocking dreams and ho...

Survivor 6 years ago

Spreading Wings

Rejoice and fly once more

With wings unfurled I seek my joy once more;The dance of love continues with my art. From fearful cliffs I spread my wings and soar; So join me now and live your fated part. Our secret rendezvous were magic dreams;No longer must we...

Survivor 6 years ago

The Heart of Humankind

"The war raged on and I sat by the sea; saw deep into the heart of humankind."

When Charlotte Salomon strode off this stageShe left behind her art that scribed her grief. Each gouache painting really was a page;A side that she had read in disbelief. Discovering that dear ones self-destroyed,It was her burden...

She won't accept cruel censure by duress.Bestow it not upon this priceless jewelWho fills my soul with happiness and bliss,And will not be denied sweet love's renewal. No other lady shows such strength and charm.No gentlewoman hold...