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Inspired by Rebellious_Soul...  Rebs   We live in an era of over-abundance right now. Too much of everything. It’s a candy store with endless glass counters filled with chocolates and caramels and sugary what-nots. We don’t even have to take a number. Jus...


The Bench

A young man learns that life isn't always what we have planned, but what we are given

Any time of year in the south is normally hot, but the summer I turned eighteen, was as if Hades himself had come up from his depths and brought with him the skin scorching, water vaporizing torment to lay to waste on our little South Carolina town. I rem...

Staring up into the night sky stars Little points of light, shining in the darkness Tiny and small, yet grand and majestic Too far to ever reach, too present to possibly ignore Each point completely alone, yet all interwoven in time and space Taken each o...

Small Stuff

Sometimes hard to remember.

They say: "don't sweat the small stuff."Hearing this saying many times. Don't know from where it came.But often in my head it chimes.When life plays another game. Tricks always getting in the way. Life bites once more where I sit.This record again begins...

New Beginnings

Each day finds us on the edge of the future

New beginnings On the brink of the future I tentatively make a print on unsullied white virgin snow. Will I be able to take a clean, sharp, tidy route? No messy scuttles. No smudges or side steps. Straight onwards to the shining new future. What will it h...