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Pirates Stories


Let's Play Pirates

A different kind of pirate poem

“Let’s Play Pirates” “Arrr! Ya scallywag. Whot be ye up to?” (Hi Pete! How’s it going?) “Avast ye mate! We set sail fer the Spanish Main.” (You wanna play pirates?) “Here be me boat matey. Ship shape she is and ready ta sail the seven seas.” (Like the raf...

Of Sea Monsters and Pirates

At first glance Inverness may seem ordinary, but the city has more than one magical secret.

“No offence, the landscape is breath-taking and it’s a great place to study Marine Biology but it’s…Well, it’s just so…” I looked around the Ness River Islands, where I was sitting on a bench. “Quiet. Eerily so.” “That’s what you get from going to the hig...