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The Smiling Mask

This mask I wear, hides the truth of what lays beneath.

This smiling mask I wearUpon my face for you all to seeHides the anguish beneathAnd the swelling tears in my eyesWhen I look in the mirrorIt's not the one you see before youBut the real face beneathAnd that truly scares meThe harsh cold that surrounds meO...

He sits and screams at nightVisions consume his dreamsFighting with no lightHe remembers all the screamsDeath all around Shells of bullets thereBodies on the groundEverybody saying prayersFear is all that's feltFighting all through the nightTakes his cant...


A betrayal that leads one man upon a journey of forgiveness to a special place!

The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive.By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to this content.  I wonder often, what do you all think of meTo suffer in pain, many...

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What's real?

Yesterday I was optimistic as the sun, broad as the sky, impish as the morning mist. Now I bleed, slowly, like a finger through my letterbox. Today,the sky-hooks are embedded in my fllesh again, and I am dead inside.


The future is bleak.

The rainwhich beatsupon the glasspoints thewayto poisongas. The sunwhichwarms the stagnant poolgoes down atduskand leaves itcool. The cloudsmushroomingoverheadtell us there’smuch more todread. The lightning strokewhich tears theskycarries deathto low and...