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Man receives reading from a medium

SamanthaI’d never been this way before – was not my normal route,but I felt a bit audacious, so I altered my commute.Surrounded by the quaintness of a little Georgia townon my way to Alabama – thought I’d stop and look around.I’m not sure why I did it – w...

The Darkest Night - Part Two

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

The woodsman had many talents, but caring for newly-born baby girls was not among them, so he did the only thing he could think of – he took the child to the village church. The pastor’s wife was in the garden picking tomatoes for their breakfast when he...

The heat of the fire burned and sweat began to drip down Jenna’s face as she stared in horror at the chaos that surrounded her. People ran around Jenna; men, women and children screamed and cried. They were dressed in animal skins and feathers. Their long...