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Teeth of the Sky

Of course it was a warning.

“Pyramids on the moon. Trippy. Looks like an album cover. Like, you know, Pink Floyd or something.” While Grizz looked out on the horizon contemplating mid-70s prog-rock album art, Jonesy got to work. “Lex, report, are you okay? LOIS, I need a situational...


A Man awakes in a Cage.

K woke up to find himself in a small, cramped cage. He had no memory of how he had ended up there or how long he had been there. The cage was made of metal bars that were tightly spaced together, and he could feel the hard floor beneath him. He tried to p...

Chapter Two: Settling In (Well, Sort Of)

The second chapter to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

When we landed it was about noon- though we didn't care much about time, we cared about the light in the sky- and at the point that I started realizing what was happening (the moment when I start remembering), I'd say it was about two o'clock. Some guys (...

Prologue: A Warning

The prologue to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

An island, small enough to travel by foot at day, and dangerous enough that if you are on the ground after the sun starts setting, you will be killed. An island of nocturnal creatures specifically created to kill humans... acidic water for fifteen feet ou...

Temporal Enforcers

Two scientists complete their time machine and find out what keeps the universe in order.

Dr. Zach Robertson looked at his watch like an excited child. Some people say he was still a child, but the 26 year old genius showed the adults what that child could do when he received his doctorate in quantum physics at the age of 15. Through all the l...

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