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Stranger Stories


When I return from my work, Tired and exhausted, I see her standing, smiling, waiting for no one. I wave, excited, make familiar gestures, Oblivious to my gestures, she just stares. As though challenging me for a game, With a smile on my face, I partake i...

Stranger Danger

Don't Ever Talk To Strangers

My worst fear came true My daughter talked with a strangerDoes she really not have a clueI told her endlessly about danger All people are not considered niceSome would love to hurt youThis would be the ultimate priceI pray I have gotten through A stranger...

The stranger came just as Giuseppe had finished spraying down the lab. The tables along three walls had become hazy green blurs, barely catching the light from the single bulb he had left lit. The dulled grey cabinets peering down at the tables stretched...