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This is a true story. It has been told many times and always gets a laugh. I even told it at her funeral as she always said that she didn't want people sitting around crying. Now it was a typical Saturday morning at our house and It had to be sometime bef...

Stiletto Hell: Sole Survirors

These shoes were made . . . for Killing

It was late April. Harold Bailey, stiletto attack survivor, woke up with that queasy feeling in his innards. For months, he’d contemplated spilling the truth to his wife about that fateful Halloween Eve, but knowing how inconceivable his encounter was wit...

Stiletto Hell

These shoes have an evil sole.

Richard Bailey dashed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut, locking it. He trembled as he reached for his cell phone, dialing the appropriate three-digit number before dropping it on the tile floor; luckily it didn’t break. “Come, come on,” he scre...