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Whatever honey drips from my lips would taste infinitely sweeter if pressed into a kiss So kiss me with abandon and hear the song my heartstrings play that I might hold you tight and let the beat take our breath away Until I can finally wake to your beaut...

This is a true story. It has been told many times and always gets a laugh. I even told it at her funeral as she always said that she didn't want people sitting around crying. Now it was a typical Saturday morning at our house and It had to be sometime bef...


A beautiful winter morning...

The sky, black as ink, silver dots, Impenetrable darkness it seems. But fading now to a deep velvet blue, and the stars fade away like my dreams. A thin pale line, growing brighter, The horizon with thin orange hue, The blue of the sky ever lighter, and t...

My Morning

The most peaceful time of day.

The quiet of a morningso still and silent like cat paws, treading across the floors of my mind. It’s a beautiful day as the sun crest above the horizon. Coffee brewing it smells like heaven. Chirps fill the fresh, cool air as birds awaken to the new day....


Silly, semi-humourous poem written in the morning. About morning. Fun, eh?

 Morning,What an absolutely absurd concept.The very thought of it makes me shudder.It makes me confuserated,Cranky and spitting mad...Mad at what?People, just being.Noise, perpetuating.Friction, being all frictious,As is its wont.Give me a nice afternoon...

Reborn in Spring Rain

Seasons Spent Pondering, part 2: Spring

Sitting out on my porch I watch the world wake up. First the birds, calling out to their neighbours and family with happy, cheerful greetings. Then it's the moist drops of dew, glistening in the growing rays of sun that begin to peek over the tall snow-ca...

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