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I sat for weeks doing very little. Watching the events replay in my mind again and again. People were very kind but how can you talk about being attacked when you only tried to help and a kid that did it. The events came over and over. The knife.The blood...

4 years ago

Another Day, Another Panic Attack

The difficulties of living with anxiety, and how something little can make a huge difference

I was awake at 4am (after dreaming of panicking), worrying about going to Painsburys for 7am (when it tends to be quiet), when it occurred to me that Stressco might already be open! It was, and so I went down there. There were lots of workers doing the on...

4 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 39

“You don't understand, I know but thank you. You are Angels.”

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 21st, 1941. The one thing that gave everyone in the sickbay hope was the continuous thudding of the anti-aircraft guns, so long as they were firing, all was not lost.As Simon helped the two women to their feet, the door swung open, a...

5 years ago



in a field he stands, hisfeet in darkness, his dirty raggedface dull with themoon’s silverlight.the festoonery ofrags is about him,each borrowed garmentwith its story.those eyeshe wearsare not blindwithal;the empty sockets are filled with seeing.last nigh...

6 years ago

A Swarm of Bees

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack is like?

This musing only available on Stories Space. if you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen."Pull yourself together!""Mind over matter...""Don't be so ridiculous.""Get a grip.""Just calm down.""Take deeeeep breaths..."If you've never suffered from a...

7 years ago

The Boot

A driver hopes to dispose of the woman locked in his boot but a passing cop has other ideas...

He hadn't seen anyone since he passed that police car on the other side of the forest. Finally he thought it was safe to pull over, swerving onto the verge and killing the engine. The countryside seemed so quiet compared to the blasting noise of the stere...

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7 years ago

Stiletto Hell

These shoes have an evil sole.

Richard Bailey dashed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut, locking it. He trembled as he reached for his cell phone, dialing the appropriate three-digit number before dropping it on the tile floor; luckily it didn’t break. “Come, come on,” he scre...

Anonymous 8 years ago

Solarites Ch 13

Final chapter of part one...

We could have had all the luck in the world, but it would not be close to what we needed, for what happened next. I felt all our hopes and dreams rain down like meteors. The light was suddenly blinding and unbearably hot. It was a fool's errand to begin w...

10 years ago

September 11

How I remember September in 8th grade

Flash Back Age 12“What's going on?”“Some guy accidentally crashed a plane into a building in the city”Laughs.“No. Really. People are dead.”Laughs stop.“What? Like a large plane?”“Yea”Just then a teacher went by crying... a male teacher. Skyler, who's conc...