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Teeth Stories


I am not sad to sayBut I cannot do this another dayThis filthy job is not for me Please find it in your heart to agreePut me down and walk away I can no longer fight this decay If I had a nose the smell would make me gag If I had arms, I would wave a whit...


True story!!

The old man coughedAnd thus were tossed Launched, then aloftAmid drops of spittle In flight, then alightUpon black and white With a clack and a clatterSkittering, then not Then stoppedIn a bathroom stall At the feet of oneWho had just begun To do his piec...

The Dentist Visit

Help Me Please

I finally went to the dentist yesterday, Unfortunately, I need a lot of work. I'm loaded with lots of tooth decay,This is making me feel berserk. I've got a serious infection,I needed a tooth extraction.After his x-rays and inspection,Now I need to take a...