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Vietnam Stories


The Dayroom

Do you know what I mean

The dayroom was open to personnel not on duty. The television was on. A few troops sat in open seats responding to questions on Jeopardy. The pool balls clicked softly. Two fellows talked quietly. One just back from 'Nam. "You spent a lot of time out in t...


a nonsense poem about a nonsense war

Alice went to wonderland I went to VietnamWe both got highAlice and IEach in our own dreamlandEdward Lear the father of limericks - called them nonsense poems. He wrote them for Queen Victoria's children. As a Vietnam Veteran I found the Vietnam Conflict...

Vietnam DMZ 1968

This is a short story that is the first two chapters of a book I have almost finished.

Vietnam DMZ 1968 - A Flashback It was over in less than a minute. The fog was mixed with the smell of gunpowder. It’s the kind of smell that gets up you’re nose - puts the hairs on end. Nick’s squad knew, when he threw out the white phosphorous grenade -...