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lg68 6 years ago

Spread Your Wings

One, Two, ...Three!

I want to spread my wings To learn to fly Sweeping, soaring, diving Across the worlds vast sky I want to soar to heights Where I have never been To see the sights As I have never seen I want to rise

Anonymous 6 years ago

Wings spread wide, feathers in flight, The little finch flew through the air. He sings his song, as he flies along, To his true love, one that was rare. Her golden glory shown from above. The sun, was a lover so true. During th...

CKAcres 6 years ago


If you really want to make a difference, don't over think it, just do it...

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking the feelings felt from yours and others past transgressions. It is ancient history. Let it go, it only weighs you down.Placing the key inside the lock can be the hardest thing to do.After that obsta...

Kayk 7 years ago

I fly on the back of a black bird,soaring high above the ground.Together we have adventures,playing as we fly around.Sometimes I miss the world below,but I am not welcom...

Kayk 7 years ago


Flying and Falling

I can't remember why I wanted to fly,it seemed like I could do anything I try.Once upon a time the dream seemed real,but dreams all end and fate is sealedThe earth seemed so hard and dark,I wanted to be free, to escape it like...

The_Count 8 years ago

My worst flights

Some of my experiences when flying

It was my first trip to Vegas. I was single and decided it was finally time to visit the place that so many of my friends and relatives had raved about. There was no Internet to check room rates back them, but the travel section in the Sunday paper always...

eglouis 8 years ago

Five Minute Adventures Presents: The Flying Ballerina

A short story from Five Minute Adventures

The plane had only been off the ground for about fifteen minutes when it hit turbulence. He was shaking; his white knuckled-hands gripped the arm rest, and his stomach tightened as he resisted the urge to vomit. It was only his second time flying. The fi...

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Kari 9 years ago

Flying Through the Air

No doubt about it I was heading for the ditch at 110 km. per hour.

This story takes place at harvest time again. It was a time when our cell phone did not have great signal strength, as we are situated between two signal towers. It's better now but still not great.I was at home, and decided to give Ed a call...

courage2bfree 9 years ago

New Horizons

A woman takes the plunge to live in a new land.

I flew to Mexico. Better a path raw and new than loosing the chance to find a life I stepped out of the pristine airport into cicadas screaming Crows cawing Street...

gypsy 9 years ago


Can words adequately describe the sensations induced by touch?

I am aroused so easily by you;Your touch is light at first,Then firm,Taunting, teasing, stroking me,Holding off,Building up,Promising,Enticing,Dancing me to the edgeThen pulling me back,Driving me mad with desire

sassy 10 years ago

A little lost bird

A little bird finding her way home.

A little lost birdTrying to find her way homeA little lost birdLost in the worldOver the tree topsAnd under the gray cloudsA little lost birdTrying to find her way homeA meadow of flowers, grass and treesMaking...