R(a)ising Son

They will remember his son…

The living room television plays in the background as Sol inspects his son, Mikhail, one final time. He kneels down to polish his boots with the cuff of his sleeve till they shine. As he stands, he ensures the belt is secure and then moves around to …

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The Folly of Presumption in the Afterlife

It's never safe to presume…

It was around 10 p.m. when a lone car careened down the empty rural road, engine growling, disrupting the peace of a lonely night. Its headlights ploughed through the darkness ahead as it angrily chewed up the centre lines along the road, then spewed…

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I don't care about you, aka another First World problem…

“I don’t care who you are or where you’ve been. Don’t tell me stories of your spiritual journeys or epiphanies. Screw your aspirations and achievements,” I fume as I scroll endlessly down my cellphone screen. “Just give me the recipe!”…

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Just Another Day

“Detective Boyle? The forensics team is here. They’re outside examining the scene now. Coroner is on their way.”The detective stood looking aside in the living room and nodded.“God, I hate days like this,” the officer sighed, then headed to the front…

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Felix's New View: Requiem

A young boy makes his way through the Zombie Apocalypse.…

“Zombies are real. Zombies are real,” Felix mumbled to himself as he stumbled through the chaos surrounding him in the neighbourhood.There were dead bodies lying everywhere, scattered across the lawns and driveways of the homes along the street. Ther…

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First Contact

The President extended her hand. "On Earth, this is a symbol of friendship."Standing by the open panel door just inside their spacecraft, the contingency of aliens examined her hand curiously for a moment. Hesitantly, the one in front mimicked the ge…

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And the dog howled...

The silly Jingles family and their dog get into some trouble during their picnic…

One bright and beautiful summer's day, The Jingles family --Mom, Dad and their two kids-- decided to go on a picnic and play at the park. They packed a big basket filled with submarine sandwiches, fresh fruit and their favourite delicious cookies as …

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Felix's New View

Felix overcomes his fear of heights, and apparently everything else, at the carnival…

‘What a view.’ Felix never imagined that thought would ever cross his mind while looking down from a Ferris Wheel, probably because he had always kept his eyes shut.Earlier, the yin and yang of excitement and trepidation had pulled at him when he and…

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Billy's Got A Secret

Billy sat on the front step of his house with Flip, his cat, minding his own business when Elmira Kane ran up to him.She pointed her finger, still sticky from sucking taffy. “I know your secret, Billy Collins!” she declared.Billy gulped.Her chunky gr…

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That Orange Feeling

"...I feel fine..."…

Weinland Research Institute; Level 4, Lab Center 6“‘Specimen Delta-Alpha 8102.60.9’, ” Magnusson read aloud from the container label. He drew a sample from it and applied it to a glass disc.“Specimen Delta-Alpha...” Samuels repeated, pausing to yawn,…

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The Power Revealed

“God-damn-it!” Mike barked as he pumped his car brakes and spanked the horn with his palm. The cause of his consternation --a speeding black sedan that cut him off on the highway-- was already long gone. “Stupid son of a…”“Mike,” Cynthia sighed aloud…

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The Right Tonic

As his band stepped onto the stage, Tyrone stole a moment to sip his dirty martini. He ran his tongue along his upper lip as he admired the glass, savoring the lingering taste of the alcohol. With a contented sigh, he got up and walked onto the stage…

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A Hundred Breaths

December 22, 2015 Ricky breathes deeply as he walks through the park. The air, sweetened by the scent of pine and cooled by the fallen snow, refreshes his lungs and spirit. It’s barely evening, yet it’s already dark out, the sun having slipped below…

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There's Always A Way In

With the blackout having hit the cottage a few minutes earlier, Ariel propped the flashlight on the kitchen counter, opened the oven and peeked in anxiously. She hoped the cookies she had made survived the power outage. They certainly smelled great. …

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'Twas the Night After Christmas...

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said, frantically fumbling with the computer mouse. She smirked. “That isn’t the Victoria’s Secret website?” Failing to minimize the screen, he switched tactics. “I’m looking for your Christmas gift." “Oh? And only 3…

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Amelia, Then and Now (Part 2 of 2)

Amelia takes her place in my heart forever…

"She seems quite taken with you," Nadja said. Nadja was one of the senior supervisors of the library. We often had lunch together and we talked about pretty much anything. Today, she caught me off guard."Who?" I asked. "The young one. Short with bru…

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Amelia, Then and Now (Part 1 of 2)

I remember Amelia…

I checked my watch. I had been waiting for her for almost 20 minutes. I grinned and chuckled to myself. No, I'd been waiting longer. I leaned against the railing overlooking the square. The air was crisp and cool. It felt good to inhale it deep into …

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