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Dad Stories


The Girl With More Than One Name

Sometimes you need to get lost in order to be found.

Charlotte Hale hated that she had to gather wild berries. It wasn’t that gathering wild berries was hard. It was that gathering them was not hard and at sixteen, she felt like it was demeaning. Her eight-year-old stepbrother, Albert, was perfectly capable...

Felix's New View

Felix overcomes his fear of heights, and apparently everything else, at the carnival

‘What a view.’ Felix never imagined that thought would ever cross his mind while looking down from a Ferris Wheel, probably because he had always kept his eyes shut. Earlier, the yin and yang of excitement and trepidation had pulled at him when he and his...

I Noticed the Hole Today

A cathartic muse of a lost family member.

I noticed the hole today. It’s been there awhile; I just finally really saw it.It’s really deep! I dropped some rocks but never heard a sound, not even clatter off the sides.It’s pitch black; sort sucks up any light that tries to penetrate. Like a Black H...

Dad's Love proven.

In which I disobey Dad and nearly die before rescue

Dad was a very special person to me. Here are a couple of special stories about Dad that tell you about our relationship. The first story is one set in the deep snows of a spring blizzard. We had about 4 foot of snow on the level with more in drifts. Afte...

The Last Words of Bruno

Who knew Bruno had so much to say?

Bruno was on his deathbed. He’d lived a good long life, closing in on eighty-four years old. The Salerno family, from south Philly, gathered around: Mom, dad, son, and daughter. Mom could barely contain herself. She placed her hand on her loved ones’ brow...


Dad you showed me what life, freedom and family where. I love you Dad and see you soon.

She really hated the holidays, as she wandered and pondered why? Her mind drifts to the celebrations, as she comes to realize."It is for him that I live the way I do. For him tonight are my memories, for him are these words, with a knot in my throat as I...

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Don't Care

My uncle is gonna help put guitar to it so I can go to a music producer

(First verse) I never understood your reasoning to make me feel worthless I never understood what went through your mind every time you weren't there  Did you ever stop and think before you acted See how this would have affected me (Chorus)  Why don't you...

Goodbye Dad

This is for my Dad... I hope he likes it...

It's been about eight years,Since you passed away,Although we never knew each other,I think about you every day,I remember the first time I got locked up,You said "boy that ain't the way",I'm sorry I'm not the son,You wanted me to be,Although you never sa...

Exotic Woods for Carpenters

Have you ever wondered why the Eucalyptus tree is so plentiful in California?

The Eucalyptus trees in California. Living in Northern California is a nice thing most of the time. It seems to be a very different state when compared to Southern California and the Sacramento area. People here live a laid-back life and are more liberal....

My Old Boots

I wore my boots down till they were held together with bits of string

My Old BootsMy 'monkey boots' when I was growing upwere like two of my own best friends. Hardly a day did we spend apart,wherever we'd walk or wend.Two rugged bits of cobbled leatherwith scuffed up toes and laces,with cardboard insidefrom the wear of the...

Bath and Body Works

A trouble girl finds strength in an unlikely friend.

Bath and Body Works As the evening sky turns into the moonless night sky, Bregan hides in the back of her closet, her only escape from her abusive father. She hears him open the refrigerator door, pulling out a can of beer. She knows what is coming next w...

Are You Proud?

I'm sorry, Dad, that I'm such a disappointment. This is me.

I'll never be the perfect girl, Never be the one to get straight A's Never the one to go and go until I'm defeated I guess I should be sorry, But I can't say that I am, I'm doing my absolute best, Why can't you see that? I'm tired, my feet are dragging on...