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I went too far when I began knifing my pain into a bleeding puddle

I went too far when I stripped myself of dignity and pride I went too far when I began knifing my pain into a bleeding puddle Just so I could compete for your affection So engulfed by you that I was willing to harm my sanity Into body dysmorphism I would...

Angel of Mercy

One man's shame leads him to be pulled from an Angels grasp and sent down to Hell.

When I look in the mirror what do I see...A face of ugliness, a freak staring back at me...I ain't pretty, or handsome, or anything special to look at...I hide away my face, my body because I look like that...When I look at myself, I see what you all see....

The time will come when one must choose, to be barefoot or wear the shoes, to wear a gown or business suit, to cross my arms or lay them askew. The space is small so think it out, for without thought there is no doubt. The preparations may seem great but...

My Personal Hell

A translation to my inner pain.

When you ask someone what Hell is like, They tell you the typical envisionment Below the earth's surface, alight with flame, Souls tortutured day in, day out But me? Hell is not lit by fires of torture, Nobody is there with you You are alone with your own...

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Sound III

who the hell am I?

Sound IIIWho the hell am I? Where the hell do I live?In those certificates or On those online accounts or online avatars?W-H-O T-H-E H-E-L-L A-M I-?I'm fighting. And I have any idea what they’re, Could be my ‘Others’- you, society; Traditions, customs; pr...

Larry’s Second Chance

A near death experience and a sarcastic show-biz bumblebee give a man a second chance at life.

“You’re asking me how it’s going?” I said incredulously. “How can you ask me that? I’m paralyzed and I’m dying, for god’s sake!” “Well you don’t have to be sarcastic!” came the response. “And besides, you’re not dead…..yet. By the way, my name is Waldo. N...


dedicated to 'V the fad'

This is the story of an angel without a halo One day unlike an angel he wallowed What a paradox I am a creature of heaven But now I am in hell and lesser mortals on my heaven dwell If only I could get back my halo I would bring back the smiles And wipe te...