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Hugs Stories


Starlight And Hugs

Stars like friendship shine so true.

StarlightIn the skyGlowing aboveWay up highThe simple beautyTheir amazing shineLike a kiss or hugOr fine glass of wineLook to the starsWhen you're feeling downLook to the skiesAnd know I'm aroundLike a starIn the nightThink of me hugging youSo very tightL...

The ball’s in your court

You, sir, have made me the most fortunate and unlucky girl in this frightening big blue marble

My mind is like a giant wool ball. Every time I make the effort of unravelling it, I end up with a few persistent knots I never seem able to undo. I am quite stubborn myself and I can’t help overanalysing situations when something specific is hovering aro...

Never Imagined

Thank you for loving me

I never imagined one day you would be mine.I thought of your kindness.I thought of your sweet words.You brought love to my heart.I never thought it could happen.Your smile brightens my day.My morning, noon and night.Your love warms my heartLike the sun sh...

when the shadows come

When the dark shadows come

  When the dark shadows come  You're the one I go to  You're the one to hold my hand  Calm my nerves When I need you  You are there in a heartbeat  You don't judge  You smile and say its all right When I am down  You pick me up  You give your time  You gi...