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Care Stories


She watches

The way we share our feelings

She watches Every time I blush Every time I smile Every time I cry   She watches Every time I sleep Every time I feel down Every time I feel hate   She watches Every time I joke Every time I feel jealous Every time I propose   She watches From far away Ma...

Another Unedited Musing

It's unedited. Enjoy it, or whatever.

I’m not entirely sure I like you.Everything here is too bright and too dark. It’s a fucking paradox and it doesn’t make any sense.It doesn’t even make paradoxical sense.Like, why am I sitting here typing this? My hands are betraying me.The wind is harsh,...

Take Care

He doesn't understand why she gets lost in her head

“Gilli, what did you do?” “I'm fine, really.” “No, sweetheart, you aren't. I can see it in your eyes. Let me see.” He gently takes her hand and cradles it in his. He hisses in empathetic pain. “Okay, not nothing, love." He gently wraps her burnt hand in a...

Don't Care

My uncle is gonna help put guitar to it so I can go to a music producer

(First verse) I never understood your reasoning to make me feel worthless I never understood what went through your mind every time you weren't there  Did you ever stop and think before you acted See how this would have affected me (Chorus)  Why don't you...

I come home from work, in my mind not a care. I sought her in the kitchen, but she wasn't there. Maybe she’s in the bathroom, doing up her hair. Not in the bathroom, now I'm wondering where. I check the bedroom, I see her underwear. A thought enters my mi...