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Dialogue Stories


Balance Sheets

Martin tries to unravel what he stumbled in on

“I can explain,” he pleaded, though it came out more like, “I cah eshlaih,” with his mouth stretched around the barrel of my shotgun. I raised my eyebrows, dark rage bubbling inside. “Explain?!” I spat. “Oh, this ought to be good. Let me guess, you came r...

Nature of Magic

All Trust is a Dialogue

It smelled like winter and smoked meat outside as a gray curtain of clouds shimmered across the naked night sky to veil the waning moon. “You need to relax and trust the process or it won’t work” “I’m trying to, honest!” “ I didn’t say ‘try’, I said ‘trus...

Random acts of dialogue.Dialogue in any book is great storytelling. Right after the hook to reel the reader in, dialogue is the mover and shaker of any novel.Dickens might have argued that narration and flowery descriptions were the backbone. However, I b...