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There’s a girl who I frequently see on my street. Each morning for the past week or so, I watch from the living room window of my lower east side home as she passes by. It’s usually at the same time and she is always dressed neatly; a valid assumption tha...

Lay Not On That Sheet

My ex still has the sheet I gave him to put on his bed when he didn't do laundry for 2 months.

Lay not on that sheet for the memories that lie within press tender on your sores. Lay not on that sheet as the pages close upon us and our toil draws a blank. Lay not on that sheet. It is not wise in the least to tempt what’s held in thread.


Another Drag

Just letting you know how i felt

“Finally, it's Friday man,” exclaims Nora as she passes the cigarette to me. We stood outside the Salstone bar which is brimming with young people. Earlier Nora asked me why we drove this far? To that, I just mentioned it’s just for a change. She was worr...


Figured You Out

I am just having one of those days.

I think I finally figured you out. That thing about you,The one that drove me so crazy.Something you can see yourself.I finally came to understand you.Why it hurt no matter what you did,Why I felt like breaking so long,How deep in the rabbit hole I was.I...


written about my Ex who I had a very volatile relationship with

FUSIONIt's plain as day to all who seebut never have I ever felt this way.And for methere is a refusal to acceptthat which will free mebut,am I willing to lose everything for a promise of nothing?Never have I experiencedwhat ignites inside of mewith your...


So Far...

What is it about the start of a New Year that gives people hope of change? As if, once the previous year ends, the new will be clean and the past can’t hurt us. I am, of course, a victim of this thinking. Or, maybe, it’s just me who thinks like this? I’m...