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A man has to do, what a man has to do.

It's hot out. The sun was blazing. Not ten minutes into the journey and it broke down. Now I'm on foot. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Cars passed me by. They honked and waved. Do they stop and help? Oh No, they just drove by. Some laughed at my situatio...

There's a pain I have inside; I try so hard to hide;I hold on tight and bury it deep;But there's just so long that it will keep;Then in a flash the tears flow free;And continue till they empty me;I'm left as lifeless as an old rag doll;Exhausted and worn...

Home At Last

A refugee worker returns home after having been in Syria for several months.

At last, I am home after months away,Long months that at times have seemed more like years,When home and comfort were just a mirage;Hard months living out of an old rucksack,Battered and worn after years on the road,Much like me, I suppose, old and worn o...

The Nurses. Chapter 16

Maria completes the final part of her journey but it is long and exhausting.

Cologne. June 9 th 1940     Maria slept barely at all. The huge sofa was soft and quite comfortable, but she could not relax.   She had never slept away from the security of her own home except, occasionally, at the hospital but never outside her own worl...