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What do you see?

ThinkingWhen you look in the mirror,What do you see?Do you hide yourself?Or show everyone who you are?Do you think you're beautiful?Is it an illusion?Are you beautiful inside?More so than outside?Will you love yourself the same?As you do another?Some are...

I am searching for something For what I do not know I feel alone with nowhere to go I am empty I cry and I am scared  Lonely and depressed My head hurts  I just want to close my eyes and never feel again The darkness is around the corner It opens its arms...

Delicate and Bitter

Be warned of the quiet of winter my child, for it enraptures the soul like none other.

If you were quiet enough, you might hear the heartbeat of each flake as it hits its sea of brethren. You could be so light of foot that you might sense the shiver of the snow itself, nestling into the crevasses and nooks of every tree and root. So cold yo...

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Who IS This Woman?

Wondering just WHO IS THIS WOMAN

Who Is This Woman… that lives a “world” away?Who is this woman… that can be so reserved?Who is this woman … that can seemingly be so mysterious?Who is this woman… and what does her heart seek?Who is this woman… I can almost feel?Who is this woman… that se...

On the Outside Looking In

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

When I look into your eyes of blue I see you. Then why do I feel as though I'm on the outside looking in. When I look into your eyes of blue, I see love. When I look into your eyes of blue, I see kindness. When I look into your eyes of blue, I see joy. Wh...

Next Life

In my next life, what will become of me?

In my next life will I be a part of this human race?A man or a woman again having to find my place? Will I be an eagle in the heavens able to freely soar?Maybe a lion large, free of heart with a mighty roar? A tree that can grow tall and straight toward t...

Lifeless Stencils

A window that yearns for a ray of light

A pitiful act, a devious plan The play of the mind, a simple question Where to be now, at this moment? It seems like something odd or naive, maybe Yet that thought drives dreams and create nightmares Lightness that thrives and darkness that pierces the so...


celebrating the equinox

Today when fall and summer meet each other like old friends on the streetbefore they pass and go their way,and our turning world brings chilly mornings,warm afternoons and darkness comes when it’s time to eat, and leaves, still green, will soon be gold an...

Tides of Doubt

Doubt and disbelief...

Tidal flow Ebb and fall Like the beating of my heart From strong to faint In an eerie lance of muted light Jealousy rises up in my absence And I lose my nerve I teeter as solid foundation Crumbles under me once more And I doubt. I see the words, I see the...