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mental illness

It’s 4 AM. My mother wants to drive. There’s nowhere for us to go, but she wants to tell me about Jesus, the devil, and music. It’s summertime. I don’t get to go to school. She has turned the radio knob up as high as it will go, and the sounds of piano...

Anonymous 4 years ago

I move my feetThey will not obeyI'm stuck right hereWhere I will stayI make honest stridesTo leave this placeNo one sees I try,It makes my heart acheThere's a block in my mindOr somewher...

incaendo 5 years ago


A story written because some stories need to be told

It’s kind of quiet and peaceful, but not a good quiet. Not like a tranquil, Japanese garden kind of quiet. This is the eye of the hurricane, the calm before the storm; like the calm before everything you know disintegrates into ash and vanishes before you...

Daisy 6 years ago

A Swarm of Bees

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack is like?

This musing only available on Stories Space. if you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen."Pull yourself together!""Mind over matter...""Don't be so ridiculous.""Get a grip.""Just calm down.""T...

Daisy 6 years ago

Where Tears Reign

A plea from somebody with depression who seeks understanding for what she can't explain.

Here tears reign,And Self cannot be pulled togetherWhen Self is screaming, torn asunder,Where empty shell is welling up whilstEyes of others rollAgainst the failings of thisSelfish child,So called becauseShe cannot rule wha...

AvrgBlkGrl 7 years ago

A Mother's Tongue

Like a mother's love, a mother's words are power, strength and hope.

"We won't let them call it a break down this time,"  She says,  Wiping imagined stray hairs from my brow.  I want to laugh.  I want to cry.  I want to scream.  Medication is bliss.  I wonder their names.  I cannot control m...

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darklight30 9 years ago

Green Walls

Who's willing to step inside a falling mind?

They keep telling me that I need to stay here, inside these green walls. They say that I need time to rest and time away from everything and everybody else. I don’t believe them, but I also know that it is pointless to argue with them. I am not c...