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Late night thoughts

Do you ever miss us?

Hey, it's been quiet, and the time since I messaged last, I don't quite remember if it's been half a year or a year and a half. It's been a long time in perspective but in hindsight, it isn't as long as it feels. Not to ramble too long, how have you been?...

Soft music plays,Starting new days.Slowly open eyes, Each dawn a surprise. Stretching like a cat,No linger time. Drat.Still, I smile to my core,It is you I adore. I turn to see your face,Each curve of yours I trace,Admire your soft smooth skin,Need you er...

Philena: Coffee

Goodbye. (This is not canon)

"Let me out. Let me out. Let me out." -Video of Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll.***"Hello?"I jump at the voice behind me, and try to smile, but it's a grimace and he knows it."How are you, Philena? I haven't seen you in school for a week."Adam is too...


love burns

Hellohello my lovehello my hearthello my soulhello my inner corelove burns deep from within