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Affection Stories


Your Demons

We both knew how this would turn out. I thought I was more ready than I was.

I took it too seriously when you told me my feelings were reciprocated. I watched my own feelings intensify more quickly than anticipated. We used each other as band-aids, a safe and gentle fix Turned to each other for affection and comfort in moments of...

Healing Hands

Touch me with your healing hands

She puts her sewing down and leans over lifting her sweater from behind.  "Here, before I sit down, put your healing hands on my back." Rubbing his palms together, warming them, he finds the bad spot where the pain is. She sighs, "That feels so good, hon....

First Date Set-Up

Teenage girl questions her father about the early onset of romance

"Dad. how did you ask my mother for a first date?” I looked across the small self-laid patio at my daughter, Linda, sitting on the camping chair, regarding me with her mother’s deep brown eyes. At fourteen-years-old pushing fifteen, she was budding to emu...


Sunrise or sunset, blue skies or rainone thing will always be trueI simply want to be able to hold hands with you There will always be time for passionate kissesand gazing deep into your eyesbut nothing can replace the intimacyof walking hand-in-hand, tog...

Beer Goggles

A poem from the past reminds me that being a single 20-something sure was fun. (And not-so-fun.)

Yes, it sucks to sleep alone.Wouldn't we all like a warm body beside us?To cuddle, to kissthe affection we missCould I give it to youtonight?Oh, how I want toand if drunk I just might.But during this episode of sobrietyI'll pass.Next time you ask(if you a...