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Homeless Stories


Though the Frost Was Cruel

Old Lucy wanders the streets of central Manhattan

Central Manhattan late afternoon, two weeks out from Christmas, was no place for a frail old lady, one whose entire possessions barely half-filled the rusted shopping trolley she trundled before her on the sidewalk. Not immediately obvious to the occasion...

Open Road

The wanderer takes a ride up the coast

I walked up from the Ventura River bottom where I spent the night. Nighttime in a homeless camp is very different, a strange mixture of camaraderie and distrust. Not unpleasant, but not great either. I was only interested in sleep without spending money....

When I came across this picture, I felt I had to write a story around it. Empathy What do you see when you're looking at meif we happen to pass on the street?Will you show some concern, our your head simply turnin a moment of social retreat? Will you gree...

In The Shadows

No one sees the invisible.

I stand in the dark, cold, still night, watching, waiting, listening hidden from view. A soft breeze blows, carrying the voices and laughter of people walking by my hidden refuge. Little do they know I am here every night protected and warm. The vent of s...


There are several more around me. Just like me. Homeless.

Every night, I lay in my cardboard box and listen to the train whistle in the distance. It was a train that I used to ride all the time, but now I am all by myself in a little square area that I call my own. I guess I should not say alone. There are sever...

homeless helping homeless

homeless people and animals on the streets

(1/24/13) there are more homeless dogs than there are homeless people on the streets. but a bond is created when the two of them meet they look out for each other and feel each others pains and with this unique bond there is so much to gain. a bond of fri...

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To Be Homeless

Being homeless isn't just a state of being. It's also a state of feeling.

To be homeless is to be afraid.To be homeless is to be hungry.To be homeless is to be mocked.To be homeless is to feel insecure.To be homeless is to be dirty.To be homeless is to not care what's in style.To be homeless is to not smile.To be homeless is to...

The Box

The Box is the story of the plight of a homeless veteran, a hero on the battlefield.

  With a face begrimed, an old man climbed from a tattered cardboard box to a sight he knew - was an alley’s view, beneath the loading docks. The morning light would end the fight he always had to face, though just a dream, it always seemed so real it lef...