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fuzzy1954 8 years ago

The Burning of the Golden Eagles

As the men passed they threw the Golden Eagles into the fire

The Burning of the Golden Eagles. The Grande Armee on the move. Oh what a mere 6 months would make.  450,000 strong marched to the sound of drums and buglers. Move east men for the empire, for the glory of our Emperor.

fuzzy1954 8 years ago

The Sun

Empty bowls with empty souls

coming over the trees you wakelooking about for what to takeempty bowl what to makefeed yourself before the restthink of you being the bestnot of the complete messon the plains of the congoon the dyi...

sea 9 years ago


Lovers Across the World

I know off hunger you speak Distance eating at your soul My image imprinted on your heart Our talks calling to your soul. I know the hunger you feel To share your silences with me ...

Pouch 9 years ago

To Be Homeless

Being homeless isn't just a state of being. It's also a state of feeling.

To be homeless is to be afraid.To be homeless is to be hungry.To be homeless is to be mocked.To be homeless is to feel insecure.To be homeless is to be dirty.To be homeless is to not care what's in style.To...