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Isolation Stories


Right now, Canadians are experiencing an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety because of the pandemic, hoarding and isolation. Stores are closed, streets are empty, and there is shortage on the shelves of essential goods, such as toilet paper, kraft...

Open Road

The wanderer takes a ride up the coast

I walked up from the Ventura River bottom where I spent the night. Nighttime in a homeless camp is very different, a strange mixture of camaraderie and distrust. Not unpleasant, but not great either. I was only interested in sleep without spending money....

A quiet day to myself, dinner alone at a table for two, days without contact with another soul I avoid stepping outside at all, until I want even base interaction, and have to force myself to be social I’ll cut myself off for today, and ignore the world o...

Ten Days In Hell: Part Two

The climax of 174920's attempt to escape the hidden facility, and find out how it came to be.

Day Six: Sparks Fly Today was a different type of day; it was quiet and there was no drama or torture of any kind. It relieved me, but it also worried me. The disappearances of the guards I killed were stirring up suspicion, plus the doctor was dead, addi...

Ten Days In Hell: Part One

An innocent man labeled as, 174920 is locked up in a hidden facility, but he plans to escape.

Day One: Initiation The first day was the worst. It started first as an ambush, then the start of a eternal nightmare. They led me down the entrance in the middle of no-man's land, where I thought I'd die. The entrance was dark and cold, like the hearts o...

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Sean is trying to get over the violent death of his partner whilst Jamie tries to piece it together.

He shifted and squirmed trying to relieve his aching limbs. His arms hurt, his legs hurt, everything hurt. The ground beneath him was solid and punishing; it provided no comfort, no respite from the pain. In fact it only heightened his agony. He stretched...

From Morning Songs: Reading the News

Sitting in my isolated cabin in the woods reading news from around the world on the internet

Yesterday, I read about a bomb that killed a family in Afghanistan twelve hours ago-- four children, their parents and another man, a friend, perhaps, or a grand-parent who, just before their house exploded, was eating soup, talking, maybe laughing. In th...

Hearts Torn Asunder (Part One)

Sometimes when hope is lost it's hard to get it back...

Do you think the world would notice If one flower failed to bloom? Or if one snowflake melted Before it touched the ground? Never being given the chance to find Its place beneath the sun. *~*~* “I don’t see a heartbeat," I said with an understated urgency...


A woman finds herself taken forward in time to a world with no people. How is she going to cope?

SOLITUDE Claire lay in an isolation tank in her local spa and started to panic. What made me decide to do this? she thought.  She hated being on her own even in her own home when her husband was at work and her children at school. It was a nightmare situa...