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It’s 4 AM. My mother wants to drive. There’s nowhere for us to go, but she wants to tell me about Jesus, the devil, and music. It’s summertime. I don’t get to go to school. She has turned the radio knob up as high as it will go, and the sounds of pianos,...

6 years ago

The Little Latch Girl

A modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Little Match Girl'.

“Go on, get aht! Me and and yer ma ‘ave some business to attend to!” The little girl looked at her ‘ma’ slouched across the worn and torn sofa, the strap still tight around her upper arm and the syringe, with its old blunt needle, lying on the carpet belo...

6 years ago

The Torino's Lament

Cars have feelings too, you know

Preamble - friends of mine have a lovely and lovingly cared for vintage car, a Ford Gran Torino. It's taken out by them on special occasions, but for a recent such event, the Torino was left at home, as there was no secure parking available at the venue t...

The toddler in diapers was screaming at the door of the cheap white trailer-house. "I think his diapers need changed." My mom looked across the street with concern. We were digging worms from the front flowerbed, a flowerbed that didn't grow anything, so...

I'm sitting in a little cafe, the kind old people eat at. The waitress has given me a menu and she has returned to get my order, but I'm still reading it. "Are you ready? Or are you still making up your mind?" "Oh, Ummm, I think I want a roast beef sandwi...

I rode my white mare past where Mary lived. The trailer-house looked like it had been dropped accidentally in front of a gray barn. She came out to the white dirt road to talk to me. Her two little brothers stood in the yard and stared. I never rode past...

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