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Mindy Learns (part one)

Sometimes complicated lessons are really very easy.

My name is Mindy. I'm five years old. My hair is long and brown. I live with my mommy. She says my hair is pretty. She says I'm pretty, too. My mommy has to work a lot. I miss her but I get to stay with my Meme. My Meme is very old. Mommy is old too, but...

"So I was walkin' down the street, like after school, and the guy, this kinda meth guy comes runnin' up with this gun. Like a small one, you know. But a gun. And this other guy? He was wearin' a turban on his head, and he looked foreign?" "So what happene...

Love Untold

The world cannot understand the love I have for her.

I hold my cards close to my chestNever letting anyone inI don’t show my true coloursInstead keeping my thoughts to myselfWhy would I do this, you askBecause the world is so cruelNarrow-minded fools are in chargeAnd refuse to understand meI am deeply in lo...