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Rita sees them coming, moving carefully through the Friday crowd. She waits till they reach their spot, then kills the booming juke. "Clear the floor!" she commands, quelling the protests with a glare till the two are standing alone. She punches up t...

Tams 1 year ago

My Puddle Duck

When life gives you puddles, sometimes you just need to play in them.

Some say only ducks truly enjoy the rain. They obviously have not met Kerstin.  “You’re stark-raving mad, you know that?” I call out to her from the bungalow’s front porch.  “We haven’t seen the sun for three days. These puddles may very well be my o...

Anonymous 3 years ago


It’s funny how mothers always warn us about boys, but never about girls

I was annoyed… At first… Then I was amused. - - - I have lived in Midtown Manhattan for most of my adult life and Eugenia’s Creations just off Herald Square is my favorite boutique. I am a curvy girl and Eugenia designs specifically for ladies with a...

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mhend90 8 years ago

Love Untold

The world cannot understand the love I have for her.

I hold my cards close to my chestNever letting anyone inI don’t show my true coloursInstead keeping my thoughts to myselfWhy would I do this, you askBecause the world is so cruelNarrow-minded fools are in chargeAnd refuse to understand meI am deeply...

Jensi 8 years ago

Dangerous Rhyme - Chapter Two

Cerise is starting over in a new city after a tragic past, and finds more than she expected.

Cerise rode home quietly that night, and Mike glanced at her. "You OK?" "Yeah. Tired," Cerise replied, and looked forward. It had been an odd night. Some of the customers had come on a little strong, and so had the singer. Yet at the same time, Ceris...

Jensi 8 years ago

Dangerous Rhyme - Chapter One

Cerise is starting over in a new city after a tragic past, and finds more than she expected.

Cerise Adams stood in front of the worn mirror that was leaning against the wall of her room, staring at the clothes that she wore. It was a pair of black shorts and a bright red tee shirt that boasted the name of her uncle's bar in Portland, and it...

PrincessCelia 8 years ago

Kandi Girl

An ode of desire on the rave's dancefloor

You’ll play these maidens for fools, Dancer dear, Cropped hair atomic pink, steel stud shining In your bottom lip, a bank your tongue overflows When you giggle. Look at you: baby blue UFO pants, rainbow Piping, your silly little bump and grinding;...

PrincessCelia 10 years ago

Lucy Rises

The grave cannot chill the desire of the undead

I thought they buried you in the snowLast winter-- but, pray, was that me?Curious, how I’ve nowhere to go,But pace the graves at half past three:Mysterious ‘tis, where goes my mindThese bleary days since I spied you last;It seems I’m cloistered from...