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The Queen of Back Bay

A lighthearted coming-of-age action-adventure mystery set in Boston's Back Bay and the MIT Campus.

Henry Walker Wainscot stood leaning against the stone wall in the foyer of his new dorm while waiting for his mom. They were going to have lunch in the cafeteria, then explore the city. Henry had never really been to Boston, having grown up in Western Mas...


TRIGGER WARNING The following contains information about assault, violence, and bodily harm

The small drops of blood had now dried up from my wounds as I lay down on the cold floor of our basement. It had been over an hour now and I was tired from all the crying.  The pain was unbearable and yet this wasn't even the worst.  There had been worse...


An Exercise in Futility

He's an uptight bibliophile and he's a messy artist. Can I make it any more obvious?

These are the first two pages of a 44-page endeavor It’s not like AJ’s known for his spontaneity, he’s not some feral college freshman. He’s not even an eager eyed person. He’s boring. He’s routine, painfully routine depending on who you talk to. Being bo...

Crossing the Shadows (Chapter One)

A horrible tragedy has just happened and it is Charlie's first day back to school.

I looked at the wide double doors of Pittsford Area High School. The black paint over the metal seemed to mock me in a way I couldn't understand. I knew kids would stare at me, whisper to each other and snicker at me. It all had happened so fast that I wa...

Sickly Sweet

A short excerpt from a larger story of mine. Contains gay kissing and some possibly familiar names.

It’s Chris’s twenty-first birthday and the smell of alcohol fills the air as music plays through huge, booming speakers. They had rented out a whole club for the occasion, so it's empty except for the drunken cast members who slosh around wearily, grinnin...

Just shoot me

Written from the perspective of someone who cant take living any more...just for being different

Verse 1 I’m different I’m stupid I’m sinful I’m losing it I don’t belong here It’s too much to take I want to leave this horrible place Chorus Nobody knows How it feels To feel like I do Nobody loves me Nobody likes me So why am I here Just shoot me Just...

Love Untold

The world cannot understand the love I have for her.

I hold my cards close to my chestNever letting anyone inI don’t show my true coloursInstead keeping my thoughts to myselfWhy would I do this, you askBecause the world is so cruelNarrow-minded fools are in chargeAnd refuse to understand meI am deeply in lo...

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Walker, A Good Lovin' Guy

I'm Dave and I'm not gay. OK?

Here she comes, the sweetest, sexiest, most loveliest girl in the whole department, the delightful Rachael. What any guy wouldn't give for a date with such a desirable angel. "There you go, Dave." she says to me. "White with no sugar." Rachael plonks the...