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Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 09, Darrell's Disaster

After Darrell Ray bungles, Mark get some man-to-man advice

Delmar Bullock wasn’t impressed, not one little bit. The three young farts standing just inside the door to his storage shed didn’t seem good for much, most of all a Klan job.At first, they tried to act cocky like this was no big deal. But none of  ‘em sa...

The Nurses. Chapter 2

A new dawn for Maria

Munchen-Pasing. April 9th, 1933: A New Beginning     In the quiet Munich suburb of Pasing, a new day was dawning. As was usual, Maria Kaufmann was rising along with the sun.   She went to the window and, in the half-light, drew back the curtains and took...

New Jerusalem

...remember the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe? ...the meaning of life is 42

After a lifetime of mining gold and silicon from asteroids, the cube is ready. John Sanders, from Intel, flipped the switch. The super-cooled cube hanging in the vacuum of space hummed when the solar generated current pulsed through its paths of gold. The...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 13

Demi and his friends ride out in an attempt to find the crashed spaceship

Chapter 13 Secrets I Did Not Know About The next morning we ride out – me on my faithful Sarji, Iris on his Chirita, a playful black mare with a white spot on her forehead and Henessada on a grey horse of an unknown name. Not to mention Immaul, who quickl...