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fuzzy1954 3 years ago

A Veterans Memory

yellow smoke swirling ahead

A Veterans Memory the wop wop of rotorsin the clearing up front yellow smoke swirling aheadthe sing sing of lead flying around you and your mates welcome to a firefight as you bring outyour wounded ....... nev...

incaendo 5 years ago


A story written because some stories need to be told

It’s kind of quiet and peaceful, but not a good quiet. Not like a tranquil, Japanese garden kind of quiet. This is the eye of the hurricane, the calm before the storm; like the calm before everything you know disintegrates into ash and vanishes before you...

CKAcres 7 years ago

Music of the Night

With in the darkness, melody's on the breezes play.

Heavens filled with sparkling jewels, to the brim. Moon scarcely visible, newness gracing its rim. Silence invaded with songs piercing the night. Brother Coyote sings and yips with pure delight. Setting the neighbourhood do...

RBostick 8 years ago

War's Truth

Learning from war.

A battle begins at dawn's first light,Men from all over have come to fight.They will fight for their Gods in war they call holy,When all that they want, is unrighteous glory.They...