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9 months ago

The Man With...

A silly rhyme I made up before going to sleep.

There’s a man with an ostrich,he’s got it on a lead;he’s taking it for a walk!I shouldn’t gawk. Now there’s a hawkand he’s going “squawk, squawk!”He coming at me.Woop, there goes my knee! The man with an ostrich,he’s got a cannon now.Ka-pow! Ka-pow!Ooft,...

6 years ago

Little Luna

As I was falling asleep, this came to me in a moment of divine inspiration.

Little Luna, in the sky, burning bright, way up high,you guide my way home,even when I roam. My Goddess, my light,burning bright. In your gentle glow,I bask at night. Like the wolf, the cat, the owl and the bat,I love you, it's as simple as that.