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7 years ago

A Random Moment, Part 21: Steig For Mayor?

Is life getting back to normal? Surely not!

Claire sat there with a stunned face on. “Are you sure it’s the same person?” She asked.“Who else would it be?”Just as he was about to put the newspaper down and shout Cynthia, the phone rang.“Hello?” Rufus answered.“Hi, it’s mum. Seen the paper?” “Yeah,...

Rufus, Cynthia and Claire walked in to the front room. They stood there in dumbfounded silence. Not only had Amy changed her clothes - something she’d never been able to do, but she was skipping around the kitchen, humming to herself and making breakfast....

The last van load was finally delivered to Rufus’ flat.“Wow, it’s finally official,” Cynthia sighed.“Not yet,” Rufus smiled.“Huh?” Cynthia was confused.“Here you go!” Rufus fished a key out of his pocket and gave it to Cynthia, “now it’s official! Now, le...