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Cold Stories


The Cold (a short story)

Whilst apartment-searching, Kat notices something strange about her new landlady...

The cold seeped through the seams of her flimsy jacket and Kat shivered violently. The icy finger of a zephyr curled its way around her neck like a scarf and raised goosebumps over her back. Impatiently, she pressed the doorbell for a third time. The snow...

I'm Sorry That You Have To Be You

Track 12 to the music album I'm trying to create

The sun’s waking up And you don’t want it toYou say, “Sun please go back to sleep, your baby misses the moon”(A.K.A your excuse to stay fixed in your room)Not because it’s beautiful Or because it lights up the darknessThe moon to you is just the makingsOf...