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House Stories



A seemingly empty house contains many corpses of animals, and why should the drum not be banged?

The house was of no significance, and would barely warrant a second glance, nestled as it was a mile from the nearest town on a country lane leading into cloudy valleys. As Daniel Carter drove past, he slowed down, then halted the Volkswagen Passat and st...


A home’s spirit lives evermore.

Worn paint flakes off her aged walls. Countless stories that soaked themselves into the sheetrock now float untethered with the dust. Her spirit stands proud, but her frame lumps under gravity. Heavy. Slowly dying in the unrelenting winds of change. 

There's a house at the top of the hill. Haunted, of course.It doesn't want to kill, or even chill. Benevolent, of course. It used to be a mill. Abandoned, of course. They made twill. Aeons ago, of course. Now the house sits lonely and old. Awaiting its ne...

Selwyn's Fine Signs

Selwyn tries to make a For Sale sign that's at least as fine as his house.

Selwyn decided it was time to sell his house. He had lived in it for many years and had grown tired of it. Besides, it was looking rather worn. There was hardly a spot on the façade of the little house where the paint was not peeling. So Selwyn went to hi...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 28

Demi gets more than he bargained for when he enters the old residence of Kallitris...

Chapter 28 The Secrets of the Abandoned House “It’s a cursed place, I warn you. Plus the weather is going to get worse. My flyer is not meant to be operated during high winds.” Asmadis lands his craft among the hills that look just like the ones we left b...

Haunted House Part 2

More stories about the Haunted House project.

I loved that old house. When I became the project co-chairman I was given a set of keys and placed to the alarm call list because I live closer than anyone else. I would open it during the Summer to air it out, and I learned to navigate the interior in ne...

Grazers (setting)

I have hours of story telling on video about these guys....should I take the time to write this?

A young married couple lived in a sod and clay house on the plains. The house was mostly underground. Wide and deep tiled stairs led to a wooden pocket door that was inset with thick colored glass panels. The roof was steep and covered with clay tiles tha...

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The opening verse to a story I revised for publication

A house on rocky shores it was, A broken-hearted place; Stone walls etched with memories, That time cannot erase. Where once there was a glowing hearth Of warmth and billowing smoke, Now all that's left are cold and dust, No one its fires to stoke. As win...

The Cold (a short story)

Whilst apartment-searching, Kat notices something strange about her new landlady...

The cold seeped through the seams of her flimsy jacket and Kat shivered violently. The icy finger of a zephyr curled its way around her neck like a scarf and raised goosebumps over her back. Impatiently, she pressed the doorbell for a third time. The snow...