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Anonymous 6 years ago

Love Is Stupid

There is nothing quite like love.

Love, such a simple stupid notion, I was so far, so deep into her green eyes, I couldn't tell what was up or down. I watched her swing back and forth trying to reach for the sky, her thick auburn hair flowing through the wind. A blazing fire contained wit...

What will be will be. What will not will not. The past foretells the future. The present is ever lost. Tomorrow we will set out. Tomorrow will send us home. Regrets we have in numbers. Rue the past that's gone. These are merely trifling thoughts. They are...

9 years ago

From Morning Songs: Getting It Right

What if everything we did was wrong, a blunder, what could we do?

What if everything I did was wrong—blunder after blunder—who I married, how I raised my children, what I chose to do instead of something else,what I could have said but didn’t?What if I always missed the pointand thought I understoodand went this way ins...