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Genetics Stories


Subject 01 - Chapter 1: Awakening

After waking up with no memory on a beach a young man struggles to survive and find out his past.

A young man with dark hair lies on a beach. He is clothed in a simple shirt, pants, and flimsy foot coverings like those from a hospital. As water laps upon the man’s brow and most of his torso, he seems to be agitated in sleep. The man begins to let out...

We Will Be Gods

A detailed description of man's reduced state after a non traditional apocalypse.

It was a strange creature, the size of a cat, with an extremely stocky build. Its face was so flat that it was nearly concave. Its eyes looked in all different directions, marbles spinning in sockets too big, and its thick wavy black fur stuck out in rand...


Short story for AP English Language about the year 2050

Staring out into the falling sun I was reminded of the colors that it used to hold. Such reds, yellows, and smears of the infinite shades that lie between. I often imagine them at all times of the day, not just at this one, when the sun lowers itself some...

Raj put his hands on the ceiling of his cell and pushed to stretch out his muscles. He’d put in a long day pulling out dead cells and loading them on lifts for transport, and installing new cells. He rolled over on his side and spit up his cud and began t...