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Control Stories


Diffusing Tension

Jess's past comes back to haunt her and Jeremy must navigate his emotions.

The morning sunlight peeked through the curtains, gently rousing me from my slumber. As I stretched and yawned, my senses were immediately assaulted by the persistent buzzing sound coming from Jess's phone. Curiosity piqued, I turned to her, concern etchi...


The Voices in My Head

My struggle with control

I first became aware of them when I was eighteen years old. The voices in my head began to clamor for control of me and it scared me. Metaphorically speaking, they carried pitchforks. They wanted to kill me or run me out of town. My voices had faces. Angr...

Charlotte's finger

An overheard conversation can be funny, but also terrifying.

They sidestepped down the aisle of row C. She began to think of space invaders and the two-tone beat of the music. She smiled as she caught the sound of Christmas music, and a loop of chattering people, a party maybe? Laying down the frame for the play?Th...


Short story for AP English Language about the year 2050

Staring out into the falling sun I was reminded of the colors that it used to hold. Such reds, yellows, and smears of the infinite shades that lie between. I often imagine them at all times of the day, not just at this one, when the sun lowers itself some...


How I feel, when my mind is under siege.

In my heart I know that in reality, I am in control. But in my mind of fantasy, I feel compelling forces. Tugging with such might, I begin to tail spin, lost. Unable to bring myself back to centre, held in limbo. Fighting equilibrium, giving in, because o...

Devil's Son

Things I should've, would've, could've, done.

Many things in life I have seen and done.Makes me wonder, am I the devil's son? Though I really do not want to be.Times he seems to have hold of me. Does Satan play tricks with my mind?Causing me to sometimes be unkind. When in reality, all I strive to be...

Pixel-Perfect #3

So where is the balance? I need a weapon…because it is belligerently beautiful in the underworld

The note- “I bet one-day this letter opener will save my life” I thought to myself as I drew it from the inside pocket of my thick, firm coat. I am the kind of guy that is constantly stopped by police authorities, and I live in a place that breathes dange...

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surrender to your urges

Surrendersurrender to my touchyour tease is coming to a shattering climaxas you surrender your body and soulIt shall come fast and hard clothes ripped and torneyes screaming full of lustwaitingwaitingto be claimed by your lover

Decisions Never Easy

Wanting to soar with the eagels, but afraid to fly.

I feel desires deep in my soul, I hear my wants shouting in my mind, but I am confused and can't act or answer? Feeling not in control, vibrations from tension scurry through my body. I know that no one can fix this but me, I am afraid to make the decisio...

Verbal Diarrhea

When one looses control of their tongue.

Verbal diarrhea a terrible affliction,once started, becomes an addiction. Brain in neutral, tongue wagging,popularity, now certainly lagging. Words spewing without control,ears closed, no one can console. Nothing said making any sense,unable to feel any r...

Individuality Lost

Children having to conform and fit societies mould.

When a child is brought into this human race . Innocent, totally pure, body, mind and soul.Beliefs, adulterated by others, having to face.Impressionable, without any damage control.Accepting propaganda, becoming a safe place. Expectations of others soon,...

To Struggle

Why struggle?

Why resist,When I am clay in your hands to mould?You forge my shape. Why hope,When tears elicit no pity or mercy?You are cold to me. Why try,When all the ways out are closed off?You hold all the keys. Why play,When it always plays out the same way?You win...


Religion as a control tool

You walk in life upon hardened soil, Not petals of rose and moss; Each day you face life’s woes and toil, And keep score by gains and loss; You’re told each moment is schemed and planned, By He who spoke on the mount; And on that day when Sunday clanned,...