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Mexico Stories


New Horizons

A woman takes the plunge to live in a new land.

I flew to Mexico. Better a path raw and new than loosing the chance to find a life I stepped out of the pristine airport into cicadas screaming Crows cawing Street venders shouting out green mangos. Short square Indians with embroidered dresses Serapes to...

Sunset Amy

A promise of a poem kept.

As Sunset Amy dips into the seaShe rises in my heart A tentative summer's smile An autumn's first kiss farewell We awkwardly said, "Hello" Proclaimed proudly from atop the Alondra HotelBarra de Navidad stops to watch As Sunset Amy dips into the sea She ri...

The Coral

An English woman finds out what life is like in a small pueblo in Mexico

“What’s happening in San Andres today?" Claire asked. "It's the patron saints day of the pueblo, Sand Andres de la Cal."  "Take us with you this time," Claire pleaded. “I want to show the girls the washing troughs and shower room you had built.” “It's not...