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Do stories ever write themselves?Sometimes it seems so.They spill forth from our fingertips with no effortYet I’ve stared for hours at my paper, and no print rises upNor does my pen dip itself and begin to form the lettersThe blank white computer window i...

Bitter Boston snow covered the ground near Lewis Hall, right across from the campus church. Gloved hands hung to the sides of the bodies they belonged to, so close, so craving the warmth, but never touching. Casey smiled over at Caroline’s button nose, so...

6 years ago

My Son

God Took A Piece Of My Heart.

My sonGod took a piece of my heartMade it youAnd made it lastA love like thisAn ache in my chestA love like thisI must confessI really wasn't sureHow I would feelBut now I knowBecause you are realI had to see youTo feel itTouch you, hold youTo believe itN...

6 years ago


Written in the break room waiting for the day to start.

Another day, more work.Tiredness looms around the corner,yet I do my duty. People buzz around,coming and going. Everyone has their own agenda,their own mission. Mine? To write poems. Data entry just fills a dull hole,but stories and poemsfill my soul. I w...

7 years ago

Tell Me A Story

Give me your gift.

Reality is heavy  Duty is steep  Tell me a story  To help me sleep It doesn’t need a hero  A middle or an endJust start with the wordsAnd let us begin Give me fearAnd hate and painSometimes, cryingReleases the strain Make me laughAnd dance and singGet los...

7 years ago


why i will always continue writing

(This was written several months ago) Today my father told me I shouldn't write at night anymore. That, unless it was a journal, I should stop writing; because all the stories I write I alone see. This broke my heart. I rarely say this, but, my dad is wro...

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My mom left me at my cousin’s house and went hunting with her sister and brother-in-law, Kathy and Don. My mom and my aunt are tribal members, so hunting is loosely regulated, but Don isn't a member, and shouldn't have gone with them. It was very late bef...

8 years ago

Storybook Lovers

So few words, for so much passion ....

My storybook lover is romantic, he would never hurry his sweetheart in a love scene, but tonight I want him to... "Make love to me, darling. In one hundred words or less." "Micro fiction?" "Yes." "Get your skirt off then." I begin slowly undoing the butto...

10 years ago

If It's Worth Reading, You'll Find It Here.

Can't imagine what inspired this one...Happy Birthday Stories Space...:)

In the mood for something to read?Then of my advice you best take heed.If it’s worth reading, you’ll find it here,On a site that’s celebrating its very first year. Looking for adventure that packs a thrill?Or a crime drama that ends in a kill?You can find...