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Masterful Tony Rode A Masterful Pony

What foul deeds will old Mrs Bunyons get up to this time?

Masterful Tony rode a masterful ponyThrough the streets of the small village fayreIt neighed and it brayedAnd clip-cloppity swayedWithout worry, nor hurry, nor care.Then old Mrs Bunyons, grabbed her sack of onionsAnd threw it on Tony's young backThe pony...

Die!A bloody battlecry.Kill!A deathly command.Swords clash,sinew, bone, heads shattered,death for the sake of land.Ceasefire!Nobody listens.An eternal battle blazes on.Millions of men, women, children.Dead.No hope for an ending,no thought to how it began....


Inspired by F***in' Perfect by P!nk

Sometimes I wonder... If people would care if I decided I wasn't skinny enough, or I wasn't smart enough or if I just wasn't good enough... Would you care if I... lost so much weight I was nothing but skin and bones? gave up because I obviously am too stu...

Words Of Wisdom

This is a song I wrote to a friend, some people may be offended that's why it's 18+

There were days When I had no other ways to get out This pain I only knew how to cause more Damage to myself and before you know it I had the knife and my skin was splitI tried hard to hide but couldn’t defend my guard I was weak Thus the tears that strol...

Unanswered Questions

A couple a questions no one can answer with proper, justifiable responses that aren't just opinion

1: Why is pot illegal, but Beer and Cigarettes (two of the deadliest inventions known to man) are.2: Why does America still think it's the number one country?3: Why is it okay to tell a person they are too skinny, but it's considered not nice to call a pe...