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Girlfriend Stories


First Wound

A peek inside my head...

“I will gladly endure pain after pain after pain if it means being happy in the end. Unless of course, it kills me, in which case I have not earned that happiness.” “That’s the definition of insanity you know.”“We’ve already established that I’m insane.”...

A failed attempt at deception

A Story related to me by a former morning man.

It had been one year ago that Vince entered the broadcast booth for his first show. A mixture of fear and excitement coursed through him as he placed the headphones on and slid his chair closer to the microphone to began his shift. It wasn't drive time, b...

When I was a senior in high school I dated my very first long term girlfriend. I was 17 years old at the time and she was 15 years old. We actually met a few weeks before school began. I don't want to say her name so I will refer to her as MC. MC was cute...


Written to an old girlfriend years ago, never had a title. Just some tongue and cheek fun.

When we kissed, it ignited a fire Every kiss filled me with desire. But my dear Hailey, they also weakened me daily. But I guess you'll never know your kisses gave me mono.