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Beach Stories


Away From Me

It's hard when the one you love has to travel.

Sitting with the soft, white sand covering my toes, While the warm breeze tousles my fiery red hair Dozens of beachgoers mill all around me With their umbrellas and chairs and suntan oils. Still, it feels incredibly quiet As the seagulls fly around, The p...

The Locket

Lily finds a locket, and so much more.

Lily Burke walked the beach every morning as long as it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. On the weekdays, she walked briskly to keep in shape. But on the weekends, she allowed herself to meander along the shoreline, looking for shells to add to her already o...

Room 15

A metal detector finds the key to a room in an abandoned hotel. Should it be investigated?

As the wind carved its way swiftly across the sand and rocks of the Wirral side of the River Dee, seagulls tried desperately to maintain some sort of stability as they circled in the air, and a few dogs that were out still played and jumped around as thou...

A New Beginning

I just needed a new perspective in my life.

Over the years I got preoccupied with work.  Especially after my divorce. I worked all the time to preoccupy my thoughts so I wouldn’t become too bitter.  It helped for some time, but all I felt was emptiness.  A sense of longing was what I was looking fo...

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Vacation's End

When it's time to leave you always have your memories

Such joy our time at the shoreMany things we did each day Making sandcastles on the beachSwimming in the bay  We rode a pontoon boat Fantasy Island such a joy The Ferris wheel and lots of gamesThe little one loved winning a toy  The locals are all so plea...


Surfing Santas and Sandmen

Minus two with freezing fog? Not this year

Catrin ran full tilt, her bare feet kicking up sand. Gleaming in the sunlight, her long auburn hair billowed out behind her like a sheet of flames. Without breaking stride, she glanced over her shoulder, and shrieking, picked up the pace. With the bells o...


Two marine park divers have a close encounter with a great white shark

The fifty-two-metre fishing trawler loomed high above us, its rust-ravaged hull already succumbing to the relentless invasion of barnacles and other parasitic sea life. Listing forty-odd degrees on its port side, it exposed its belly like a lazy dog hopin...

Lover, how could we have knownthis time last year, that you would not be here. That time would have run out. We planned on forever, today should have been the beginning and yet, our forever ended some time ago. They say time heals all wounds, and perhaps...